The issue of single-use plastic will continue to be a hot topic, but in 2019 environmental concerns will turn into greater environmental action. Millennials and Gen Z travellers will look for sustainable experiences in their destination, while accommodation providers will look to reduce their plastic usage and increase their sustainable credentials. An overwhelming majority of global travellers (86%) say they would be willing to spend some time on activities that offset the environmental impact of their stay, with over a third (37%) willing to clear plastic and litter from a beach or other tourist attraction.

With deeper interrogation from travellers into the sustainable practices of both their destination and accommodation choices, fueled by their desire to travel with conscience, investment in sustainable start-ups will be considered ever more imperative. Expect to see a number of new travel start-ups and individual enterprises committed to shaping a new future for our planet’s destinations emerge in the coming year, with intriguing technology at the core of their solutions. --'s 8 Travel Predictions for 2019

The Challenge

This challenge goes out to all owners or managers who want to make a small plastic-reduction change to their business throughout the course of 2019. To take the challenge, simply choose one (or several) of the commitments below and add your name to the comments (side bar) or email matt [at] with your selection. A member of The Star Throwers will reach out to you to follow-up (dun dun dun....)

Plastic-less Commitments

  1. Introduce a "no plastic request" to guests by letting them know your aims before they arrive (works great detailed out in an honest blog post)
  2. Invest in refillable water bottles in your vacation rental, water filter jugs (even if the water is good to drink), or a small machine in the kitchen which make fizzy water (fizzy water people can be plastic-less too!)
  3. Invest in branded water bottles for the guest to take home (massively cut down on water bottle usage both during and after stay). You can reach out to Beach House Logos and ask for a special Star Thrower's discount:

This challenge is brought to you by Casal dei Fichi, who calculates they have reduced 1,000 plastic water bottles (using these exact commitments) in 2018 -- imagine this scaled up across the VR space!

You can read more about Bob and Ian's Star Thrower's work here.