BudaHome Apartments (Budapest)

Initiative: Educating African Girls Through The Power of Hospitality

Business: BudaHome Apartments is a small family-run business, renting holiday homes in Budapest’s UNESCO World Heritage Site Gellért Hill neighborhood.

Description: Where you live should not decide whether you deserve an education or a life without knowledge. Education is the means to broaden our understanding and create skilled professionals who enrich their local communities.

“Everyone has the right to education,” says the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Sadly for over 130 million African girls this isn’t an option. They are denied this fundamental right because unwritten laws demand they marry by age 13 and tend to their families and villages instead.

Our UNEQUA project wants to change this. We want to make a difference. At least for a small but significant group of girls. Our project will focus on the education of young girls in Cameroon.

We’ll take care of all school-related expenses (tuition fees, uniforms, supplies, etc.) that their families wouldn’t be able to afford. This will hopefully help them build a better life for themselves. We firmly believe improving the future of even just a handful of girls, will create a positive ripple effect that will dramatically change the future of their entire village. And possibly their nation.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals For This Initiative: