Park City Lodging (Utah)

Initiative: Protecting open space 1 night at a time.

Business: Park City Lodging, Inc. has been providing lodging and vacation services in Park City, Utah since 1984. We manage a diverse selection of vacation homes and condominiums throughout Park City’s three resort base areas.

Description: In 2005, Park City Lodging partnered with the Summit Land Conservancy to protect the beautiful open spaces that make our town such an incredible place to live and visit. The Summit Land Conservancy is a Park City based land trust that works in partnership with landowners to permanently preserve the remaining agricultural, recreational, wetland, watershed, and animal habitat lands in Summit County, Utah.

Unlike most Western resort areas surrounded by public lands, the Park City community is surrounded by largely private property that is susceptible to development. Park City Lodging President & Founder Rhonda Sideris recognized an early need to combat the threat of overdevelopment and was one of the first businesses to participate in “Living For Open Space.” This program allows businesses to contribute to protecting land through the collection of small donations from their customers’ purchases. By adding an optional $1/night donation on each guest reservation, Park City Lodging is able to seamlessly leverage the support of our guests to forever preserve the natural world surrounding our community.

To date, the Conservancy has protected over 6,800 acres of open space in the area. Visitors and locals alike depend on this open land for our lifestyle, recreation, food sourcing, and even our drinking water. In 2009, the Conservancy started the “Weber River Watershed Project” to focus efforts on the expansive swaths of land within the watershed that were at heightened risk of development. In the words of the Conservancy, “land can be developed once, or saved forever.”

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals For This Initiative: