Shift Vacation Rentals

Initiative: Building a thriving and inclusive community by connecting neighbors and local businesses.

BusinessShift Vacation Rentals began Block 14, a neighborhood business collaborative, with fellow business owners in order to build community and create a sense of place and belonging in a time where people are feeling alienated and lonely. We believe that if you know your neighbors, and the local businesses, it will help people feel more connected and grounded. 

Description: We are beginning our venture by hosting a Block Party for the residents of our NE Portland area. We are providing food, games, music, etc to all for free to entice people out. At the party we have various things from a neighborhood wishing tree, to a kids stage, to name tags encouraging people to introduce themselves to 3 new people the day of the party.

In the future we are looking into promoting and partnering with various non profits who focus on building community and acceptance and collaborating on group contributions to those organizations.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals For This Initiative: