Treasure Rome (Italy)

Initiative: empowering children to dream as a way out of generational poverty through education and art

Business: Treasure Rome is a family-run property management company, managing a small selection of high-end apartments in the historical center of Rome, Italy

Description: As for our roots, they are in Hungary. We are an expat couple, our families live in this small, Central European country that has no sea and where people speak a singular and pretty difficult language. We’ve been following closely for years the work of the Real Peal Foundation, which not only gives artistic elementary education in a remote part of Hungary for children living in deep poverty, but 8 years ago started a superimportant program that aims to end children poverty in the region. The program is complex and meant to be adabtable, in fact other countries are interested to do so.

While we know it is a slow and very complex process, we want to contribute with our small part. We support one of the projects called SZUNO (“dream” in gypsy language), which is a social enterprise mentored by the foundation. The artworks created by the children of the community become daily use objects; bags, jewelry boxes, pencil cases…handmade by the parents, who use this to get involved and create value, learn new skills, and earn money.

With the help of our guests we support the job creating SZUNO. Every direct reservation on our site means 5eur/day we donate to the foundation. Every year with the money raised we place an order for SZUNO products which then become our parting gifts for our guests.
Last year it was the small wooden boxes, treasure boxes. This year it is a very exciting table game, called KIWI.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals For This Initiative: