Vacation Cottages (Maine)

Initiative:  Beach cleanups and outreach aimed to encourage renters to leave beaches and waterways better than they found them.
Business: Vacation Cottages is a property management company specializing in seasonal vacation homes along the coast of Maine
Description: Coastal communities worldwide rely on the ocean as an imperative part of their daily lives, economy, and tourism industry.  Maine is no exception to this trend, the Atlantic Ocean not only provides the state with bountiful seafood harvests but a thriving tourism industry as people from around the world travel to see the bold, evergreen coastline.  Worldwide we’re facing a pollution crisis in our oceans, devastating the marine plant and animal populations as a direct consequence.  Now more than ever we’re seeing a push for cleanup efforts and proper trash management, that’s where Vacation Cottages has taken the initiative to do their part in protecting the vital natural resources that surround us.  
With an office located in Blue Hill, Maine and with properties stretching across roughly 60 miles of Maine coastline the Vacation Cottages staff has a deeply rooted connection to the ocean and an inherent desire to keep it clean.  When living amongst these beautiful coastal towns it’s easy to feel the connection with nature and a sense of responsibility to care for it. We’re making an effort to collect trash and debris off beaches and public use areas and dispose of it property. Our cleanup efforts may be relatively small in comparison to the human impact that’s becoming more and more evident, but it’s a step in the right direction.  We hope to encourage our renters to be mindful of their impact and to cleanup anything they may bring to the beach, to follow the “Leave no Trace” principles.